Before installation

  1. Unpack the SmartOutput module.
  2. Check the SmartOutput module for external damage.
  3. Connect the SmartOutput module and a reader to a SmartRelay.
  4. Power the SmartOutput module.

    Reverse polarity damages electronics

    If you connect the power supply with the wrong polarity, the electronics will be damaged.

    1. Observe the polarity.
  6. SmartOutput module "rattles" when the power supply is connected.
  7. SmartOutput module flashes red once every 16 seconds.
  8. Power the SmartRelay.
  9. SmartRelay detects SmartOutput module.
  10. SmartOutput module flashes very quickly red/green for one second.
  1. SmartOutput module has been detected and flashes green once every ten seconds.