Encrypting an internal hard drive with BitLocker

The following is assumed for the description below:

  1. Administrator rights available.
  1. Press the Windows key.
  2. The start menu will open.
  3. Type Manage BitLocker.
  4. The Manage BitLocker tab will be shown.
  5. Click on the Manage BitLocker entry with your name.
  6. The BitLocker Drive Encryption window will open.
  7. Check whether your hard drives are already encrypted (BitLocker on). In the example, C: is already encrypted, D: isn’t yet.
  8. Click on the Enable BitLocker button.
  9. The BitLocker Drive Encryption window will open.
  10. Select a method for unlocking the drive (e.g. Automatically unlock this drive on this computer).
  11. This drive is automatically unlocked as soon as an authorised Windows user logs on.
  12. Click on the Continue button.
  13. Window changes to selection of a restore method.
  14. Select a method to back up your recovery key (e.g. Print recovery key).
  15. The recovery key allows you to access your drive if you forget your password or lose your USB flash memory/smart card.
  16. Click on the Continue button.
  17. Window changes to the selection of how much memory space you wish to encrypt.
  18. Select the Encrypt entire drive option for higher security.
  19. Click on the Continue button.
  20. BitLocker encryption is ready.
  21. Click on the Start encryption button.
  22. Drive is encrypted. This may take several hours, depending on the size of the drive.
  1. Drive is encrypted and the database is therefore protected against unauthorised access.