Best practice: Database protection

You can further enhance the security level of your AXM Lite by protecting access to your SQL database.

  1. Create a separate Windows user account for the locking system administrator.
  2. Use a strong password for all Windows user accounts.
  3. Encrypt the hard disk where the database is stored.

Encrypt hard disk with BitLocker/BitLocker to go

A drive encryption program has been included in the Professional and Enterprise editions (BitLocker) since Windows 7.

BitLocker allows you to encrypt hard drives to protect them against unauthorised access.

A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 or higher should be available on your mainboard so that you can use BitLocker easily. BitLocker uses this module to ensure system integrity.

There are several ways to unlock your encrypted hard drive in the future:

Availability of the different methods may vary depending on the system.