Tab operation

AXM Lite allows you to handle multiple tasks at the same time with an innovative tab control function. Simply leave several tabs open at the same time.

Frequently used tabs can also be opened automatically when the program is launched (see Pinning tabs).

Some tabs are opened in the foreground as windows and must first be closed again before you can do anything else. These include but are not limited to:

You can recognise such tabs by the fact that the rest of AXM Lite is greyed out when opened.



Do not use Alt+F4 to close open windows

Windows open in the foreground block the remaining ones AXM Lite for further input. If you do not close such a window properly using the available buttons, but use Alt+F4 instead, then the window is closed, but the rest of AXM Lite remains greyed out. You will therefore lock yourself out of the AXM Lite.

  1. Do not use Alt+F4 to close windows in the foreground.