Buildings and locations

A location contains buildings and, optionally, a public holiday list.

A building always belongs to a location. Therefore, you must always have at least one location in your database. AXM Lite thus creates a standard location in new projects. You can delete it as soon as you have created your own locations.

Locations and buildings are particularly useful for organisation. For this reason, they should also be created before the locking devices in line with best practice (see Best practice: setting up the locking system) (see Creating a location and Creating a building and assigning it to a location).

Public holiday lists and locations

As a rule, you only assign buildings to a location that are actually at the same location. It is therefore very likely that all these buildings will be subject to the same public holidays (e.g. all buildings at the Munich site: Bavarian public holidays apply to all buildings).

The public holiday lists are particularly interesting for time-controlled locking devices. Locking devices are conveniently always assigned to a building, which in turn is assigned to a location (mandatory information). Assigning a public holiday list to each locking device is a laborious task. Instead, you can assign the same public holiday list to all locking devices in buildings with the same location by simply assigning a public holiday list to the entire location.

The public holiday list assigned in this way applies to all locking devices at this location. In the example, the red public holiday list has been assigned to location A and the blue public holiday list to location B.

If other public holidays should apply to individual locking devices (for whatever reason), you can overwrite the location’s public holiday list in the locking device properties (see Limiting authorisations for locking devices to specific times (schedule)). In the example, a green public holiday list was assigned to a locking device in building B3 at location B. The blue public holiday list continues to apply to all other locking devices in building B3 and other buildings at location B.