Assigning locking devices to buildings/locations

You must specify a location and a building the moment you create a locking device. Ideally, you should follow best practice (see Best practice: setting up the locking system) and plan everything out in preparation before creating your locking devices (see Organisational structure). This means that you only need to open windows once.

Obviously, you can also assign your locking devices to other buildings at a later date:

  1. AXM Lite open.
  2. At least one location created (see Creating a location).
  3. At least one building created (see Creating a building and assigning it to a location).
  1. Click on the locking device you wish to assign to a location and a building.
  2. The locking device window will open.
  3. Open the Building details menu if necessary.
  4. Select the location where your locking device will be used from the Locationdrop-down menu.
  5. Building selection in the Building drop-down menu is restricted to the buildings at the selected location.
  6. Select the building where your locking device will be used from the Building drop-down menu.
  7. Click on the Finish button.
  8. The locking device window closes.
  1. Locking device is assigned to another building/location.



Public holiday lists in locking device and locations

You can assign public holiday lists to both a locking device and the locking device’s location. In this case, the public holiday list is used in the locking device and the public holiday list in the location is ignored.

If a public holiday list is assigned to the location instead of the locking device, the public holiday list for the location is applied to the locking device. The suffix "(inherited)” in the locking device window indicates that this is the case.