Muting a locking device (for battery warnings and programming)

You can deactivate the following signals in the locking device properties:

When an identification medium is activated, the locking device signals engaging as usual. You can also set each identification medium to prevent locking devices from signalling activation of this identification medium (see Muting all locking devices for an identification medium).

  1. AXM Lite open.
  1. Click on the locking device to be muted.
  2. The locking device window will open.
  3. Click on the Configuration tab.
  4. Window switches to the Configuration tab.
  5. Expand the Feedback signals menu.
  6. Activate the Acoustic/optical battery warnings active and Acoustic programming acknowledgments active checkboxes.
  7. Click on the Finish button.
  8. The locking device window closes.
  1. Locking device will no longer signal any battery warnings or audible programming acknowledgements.