Leaving the locking device open for longer, less time or permanently

In the default factory setting, AXM Lite programmes your locking devices so that they engage for 5 seconds. However, other settings are also available:

You can also work with settings that are not lock-related:

This section describes how to set the impulse interval or activate permanent opening:

  1. AXM Lite open.
  2. Locking device created.
  1. Click on the locking device whose opening interval you wish to set.
  2. The locking device window will open.
  3. Click on the Configuration tab.
  4. Window switches to the Configuration tab.
  5. Expand the Lock functions menu.
  6. Enter the required engagement interval in the Open time (sec) field.
  7. Alternatively, activate the Flip Flop checkbox to configure permanent opening.
  8. Click on the button Finish
  9. The locking device window closes.
  1. The locking device’s opening interval is configured.