Have accesses logged by locking device (access list)

This is where you switch the access list on. Your locking device uses it to log which identification media have been activated (also see Access and physical access lists).

  1. AXM Lite open.
  2. Locking device equipped with .ZK option.
  1. Click on the locking device that should log accesses.
  2. The locking device window will open.
  3. Click on the Configuration tab.
  4. Window switches to the Configuration tab.
  5. Expand the TIME CONFIGURATION menu (only displayed for .ZK locking devices).
  6. Activate the Access list checkbox (activated by default for .ZK locking devices).
  7. Click on the Finish button.
  8. The locking device window closes.
  1. Access logging activated for this locking device.

The logged accesses are imported during synchronisation (see Synchronising the locking device (including reading access list)).

The access list can then be opened in the locking device window using the Access list tab (see Displaying and exporting a locking device’s access list).