Displaying a locking device’s equipment features

A locking device’s equipment features are also imported during synchronisation. This allows AXM Lite to check whether the locking device is actually able to handle the required settings at all (e.g. whether an access control function is available).

You can display the imported equipment features in AXM Lite:

  1. AXM Lite open.
  2. Locking device available.
  3. Locking device list or matrix view open.
  4. Locking device synchronised.
  1. Use to sort/filter the displayed entries if required (see Sorting and filtering).
  2. Click on the locking device whose equipment features you wish to display.
  3. The locking device window will open.
  4. Click on the Features tab.
  5. Window switches to the Features tab.
  1. Equipment features are displayed.