Changing individual authorisations (cross)

The quickest way to assign individual authorisations to individual doors is directly in the matrix.

  1. AXM Lite open.
  2. Matrix screen open.
  1. Click on a box in the matrix.
  2. Authorisation is issued for the identification medium concerned (column) on the locking device in question (row).
  3. Click on the same box again.
  4. Authorisation is withdrawn again.
  1. Individual authorisation has been issued or withdrawn.



Modified authorisations only take effect after synchronisation

Modified authorisations are initially only stored in the database and do not affect the actual identification media and locking devices.

  1. Synchronise identification media and/or locking devices after you have changed authorisations.

The authorisation is issued by default after a single click. However, you can configure the type of click after which the authorisation is issued (see Click to change authorisations):