Creating a backup

Your database and thus your workload can be quickly restored if a backup is copied on a regular basis.

You can easily create the backup in AXM Lite itself:

This section explains how to back up the database using the expandable AXM bar.

  1. AXM Lite open.
  1. Click on the orange AXM icon .
  2. AXM bar opens.
  3. Click on the Backup entry in the OVERVIEW group.
  4. The AXM bar will close.
  5. The window for assigning passwords will open.
  6. Enter a password in the Password field to protect this backup.
  7. A coloured bar shows you how secure your password is.
  8. Repeat the entered password in the Repeat password field.
  9. Click on the OK button.
  10. The window for assigning passwords closes.
  11. Backup is being created.
  12. The Explorer window will open.
  13. Save the backup file (extension: .axmbackup) in a file directory of your choice.
  14. Explorer window closes.
  1. Backup is complete.

You can also see when you last created a backup on the AXM Lite login screen: