First steps after a new installation

AXM Lite will greet you with the login screen after installation.

You will see the following input fields:

  1. Enter a project name in the Project name field.
  2. Enter a password of at least 8 characters in the New password field to protect your project.
  3. A coloured bar shows you how secure your password is.
  4. Repeat the password entered in the Repeat password field.
  5. Click on the Create button.
  1. The new project is protected.

You can change the user password you have just created if required (see Changing the user password).

The first locking system password is generated automatically and saved in a text file (Documents/SimonsVoss).

You can change the locking system password (see Changing locking system password).


Keep locking system password accessible and secure

The locking system password is the most important password of all. For security reasons, SimonsVoss is not able to reset any components without a locking system password or backup. There is no general master key.

It is no longer possible to program components if the locking system password is no longer known or can no longer be recovered from a backup. The components must be removed from locks and disposed of, which takes a great deal of effort.

  1. Ensure that authorised persons can be view and/or access the locking system password at any time.
  2. Take into account both foreseeable events (e.g. locking system administrator retires) and unforeseeable events (e.g. locking system administrator leaves post).

Launching AXM Lite for the first time

AXM Lite now offers you several wizards one after the other:

  1. Add locking device
  2. Add transponder

These wizards allow you to start building your locking system directly and familiarise yourself with the AXM Lite interface.

However, before setting up a large locking system, plan things out first in preparation (see Best practice: setting up the locking system).

If you are working with a locking system for the first time, you will find explanations and background information here: Background knowledge and explanations.