General safety instructions

Signal word (ANSI Z535.6)

Possible immediate effects of non-compliance


Death or serious injury (likely)


Death or serious injury (possible, but unlikely)


Minor injury


Property damage or malfunction


Low or none



Blocked access

Access through a door may stay blocked due to incorrectly fitted and/or incorrectly programmed components. SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH is not liable for the consequences of blocked access such as access to injured or endangered persons, material damage or other damage!

Blocked access through manipulation of the product

If you change the product on your own, malfunctions can occur and access through a door can be blocked.

  1. Modify the product only when needed and only in the manner described in the documentation.



Intended use

SimonsVoss-products are designed exclusively for opening and closing doors and similar objects.

  1. Do not use SimonsVoss products for any other purposes.

Qualifications required

The installation and commissioning requires specialized knowledge.

  1. Only trained personnel may install and commission the product.

Modifications or further technical developments cannot be excluded and may be implemented without notice.

The German language version is the original instruction manual. Other languages (drafting in the contract language) are translations of the original instructions.

Read and follow all installation, installation, and commissioning instructions. Pass these instructions and any maintenance instructions to the user.