Locking systems

A locking system is a contiguous structure consisting of:

Locking plan

Locking devices, identification media and authorisations are saved in the locking plan (also see Identification media, locking devices and the locking plan).

The locking plan becomes a locking system with further organisational components:

A number of locking systems in the same project

At times it may make sense to work with more than one locking system. You might wish to manage two companies in the same building in your AXM Classic and want a stricter separation on a organisational level.

In this case, you can set up an own locking system for the second company. This will give you better separation between the two companies.

You can even use the same identification medium in several locking systems (see Use identification media in multiple locking systems). As a basic rule, several locking systems are possible depending on the identification medium. The locking systems are completely independent of each other and do not have an influence on one another.

One transponder to rule them all: