Assign a number of persons/identification media to person group (in the person group window)

Persons in “old” person group

Persons in “new” person group

  1. AXM Classic open.
  2. At least one person group created (see Creating a person group).
  1. Click on the orange AXM icon .
  2. AXM bar opens.
  3. Select the Person Groups entry in the ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE group.
  4. The AXM bar will close.
  5. The Person groups tab will open.
  6. Click on the person group to which you want to assign the persons.
  7. The Person group window will open.
  8. Click on the Persons tab.
  9. Window switches to the Persons tab.
  10. Use to sort/filter the displayed entries if required (see Sorting and filtering).
  11. Highlight all persons you want to add to the area (Ctrl + mouse click for a single person or shift + mouse click for multiple persons).
  12. Use to move the selected persons only or use to move all displayed authorisation persons.
  13. NOTE


    Double-clicking as an alternative to arrow keys

    Double-clicking an entry in the list will also move this entry to the other column.

  14. The highlighted persons in the left column are added to the person group.
  15. Click on the Finish button.
  16. Person group window closes.
  17. Persons are assigned to the new person group.
  1. Matrix displays structure with new person groups.