Displaying the report for identification media issue

You can use this report to prove that someone has received a specific identification medium and instruction from you.

You can thus only export this report specifically for one selected identification medium at a time.

You as a locking system operator can thus record the TID and protect yourself. Signature fields are provided on the report for this purpose.

The report contains the following data:

  1. AXM Classic open.
  1. Click on the orange AXM icon .
  2. AXM bar opens.
  3. Select the Transponder entry in the LOCKING SYSTEM CONTROL group.
  4. The AXM bar will close.
  5. The Transponder tab will open.
  6. Make changes if necessary in the drop-down menu which contains the desired identification medium in the top right-hand corner of the locking system.
  7. Use to sort/filter the displayed entries if required (see Sorting and filtering).
  8. Select the identification medium you wish to display.
  9. The highlighted row is shown in orange.
  10. Click on the Output button.
  11. The Transponder handover window will open.
  12. If you also wish to display the specified return date: Enable the Specify return date check box and select the return date by clicking on the calendar.
  13. If you also wish to display existing authorisations: Activate the With authorisations check box.
  14. If you also wish to enter issuing of the identification medium in its action list: Enable the Enter in the Actions list check box and use the Save report in the Actions list check box to save the corresponding report in the action list if necessary (also see Planning and tracking identification medium management tasks for the action list).
  15. Click on the OK button.
  16. Transponder handover window closes.
  17. The Explorer window will open.
  18. Save the PDF file to a directory of your choice.
  19. Issue report for the selected identification medium is exported as a PDF file (DIN A4).

You have the option to personalise reports (see Personalising reports and exports).

You can also enter the issue date directly in the action list for the identification medium concerned (see Noting the issue date).