Add area, including locking devices, to a schedule

Ideally, you should create your schedules before the locking devices (see Best practice: setting up the locking system). You can then add your locking devices to the schedule while you are creating each locking device (see Creating a locking device).

Sometimes, however, you have already created locking devices and only later decide to control authorisations in terms of time, for example. In this case, you simply add the locking devices to your schedules at a later date. The use of areas as a filter criterion helps you to select the locking devices required.

In this section, you will learn how to use areas to add locking devices to a schedule in the schedule window (see Limiting authorisations for locking devices to specific times (schedule) for adding individual locking devices using the locking device properties).

  1. AXM Classic open.
  2. Schedule created (see Creating a schedule).
  3. Schedule window open (see Creating a schedule).
  4. Locking device equipped with .ZK option.
  1. Click on the Assigned locks tab.
  2. The schedule window changes to the Assigned locks tab.
  3. Use to sort/filter the displayed entries if required (see Sorting and filtering).
  4. NOTE


    Areas as a filter criterion

    Areas can be used as filter criterion, thus simplifying selection of your locking devices.

    1. Click the filter icon in the Sector column.
    2. Select one or more areas.
  5. Select all locking devices that you wish to assign (Ctrl+click for individual devices or Shift+click for multiple devices).
  6. NOTE


    Double-clicking as an alternative to arrow keys

    Double-clicking an entry in the list will also move this entry to the other column.

  7. Use to move only the selected locking devices or to move all locking devices.
  8. NOTE


    Locking devices from other schedules

    Locking devices from other schedules are also listed. They can also be moved from other schedules to the current schedule.

    1. Filter/sort the displayed locking devices.
    2. Check whether the selected locking devices are already being used in another schedule.
  9. The locking devices in the left-hand column are added to the schedule.
  10. Click on the Finish button.
  11. Schedule window closes.
  1. Locking devices from the area are added to the schedule.