Personalising reports and exports

AXM Classic allows you to personalise your reports and exports:

This information is used universally for all reports to ensure a uniform appearance.

  1. AXM Classic open.
  1. Click on the orange AXM icon .
  2. AXM bar opens.
  3. Select the AX Manager settings entry in the SETTINGS group.
  4. The AXM bar will close.
  5. The AX Manager settings window will open.
  6. Change to the "Reports" tab.
  7. Fill in the fields in the Address section.
  8. Uncompleted fields are hidden in the report.
  9. Click on the button in the Logos section.
  10. The Explorer window will open.
  11. Select a suitable image file for the header or footer.
  12. Explorer window closes.
  13. Selected image files are displayed in the Logos section.
  14. Click on the OK button.
  15. AX Manager settings window closes.
  1. Reports will now be issued with your own information and logos in the future.