Areas are an organisational unit for your locking devices. You can also use an area to combine locking devices which belong together in AXM Classic.

Rooms and spaces such as an entrance area are a typical example of where areas are used. An entrance area can contain a number of doors and locking devices. In this case, it would be practical if you did not have to “touch” each of these locking devices when working on your locking system. The use of areas allows you to do just that and provides additional comfort functions:

Areas are an organisational component. Ideally, you should set up your areas before the identification media (see Best practice: setting up the locking system and Creating an area).



Maximum one area per locking device

A locking device can only belong to one single area. There are no overlapping areas in the AXM Classic . If you assign a different area to a locking device, this locking device may be automatically removed from its existing area.

  1. You can use the Area - Details column in the Area - Details window to check whether a locking device has already been assigned to an area.

Matrix without areas

Matrix with areas