Person groups

Person groups are an organizational unit. You can also use a group of persons (or their identification media) that belong together in AXM Classic .

Departments are the typical example of where person groups are used. It is highly probable that all employees within a department will receive the same authorisations (e.g. every mechanic should be able to operate all locking devices in the workshop). Instead of assigning the necessary authorisations to each identification medium individually: Bring the identification media together into a person group and authorise the entire person group at the same time.

Person groups also offer other advantages:

Person groups are an organisational component. Ideally, you should set up your person groups before the identification media (see Best practice: setting up the locking system and Creating a person group).



Maximum one person group per identification medium

An identification medium can only belong to one single person group. Persons belonging to several departments do not exist in AXM Classic. If you assign a different person group to an identification medium, this identification medium is automatically removed from their previous person group.

  1. You can use the Person group column in the Person group window to check whether an identification medium has already been assigned to a person group.

Matrix without person groups

Matrix with person groups