Changing the signalling

Different situations may require different signals.

You can configure signalling of your SmartRelay in AXM Classic to meet these different needs.

There is a connection for an external LED or an external beeper on the SREL.ADV and SREL2.G2. You can find details on connection in the manual for the SmartRelay concerned.

You can use the External LED or External beeper option to configure whether the connection switches permanently during opening or only when switching to ground.

External LED

External beeper

Connection permanently switches to ground during opening. The LED lights up as long as the SmartRelay is switched on.

Connection only switches when switching over. The beeper only beeps when the SmartRelay switches over. Continuous beeping would be annoying.

  1. Configuration tab open (see Changing the SmartRelay settings).
  1. Open the Extended configuration menu if necessary.
  2. Choose between the External LED and External beeper options.
  3. If necessary, use the Turn off LED or Turn off beeper checkboxes to switch off the LED or the beeper on your SmartRelay (also applies to external LEDs or external beepers).
  4. Click on the Finish button.
  5. The SmartRelay window closes.
  1. The SmartRelay’s signalling has been changed.