Duplicating forgotten identification medium temporarily

Identification media left elsewhere differ from defective or stolen/lost identification media:

Employees who have forgotten their identification medium can receive a copy with an expiry date. In this case, there is no need to reset or delete the identification medium as no unauthorised person has access to the forgotten identification medium.

The duplicate receives a different TID and is thus a separate identification medium from a locking device perspective (see Identification media, locking devices and the locking plan for information on the connection between TID and identification medium).

  1. AXM Classic open.
  2. Identification media list or matrix open.
  3. Identification medium available for temporary duplication.
  4. Suitable programming device connected.
  1. Use to sort/filter the displayed entries if required (see Sorting and filtering).
  2. Select the forgotten identification medium.
  3. Click the Transponder forgotten button in the Wizards section.
  4. Wizard for forgotten identification media will open.
  5. Click on the Continue button.
  6. Query about the duplicate’s expiry date will open.
  7. Specify how long the duplicate should be active for (max. 7 days).
  8. Click on the OK button.
  9. Query about the duplicate’s expiry date closes.
  10. Query about immediate synchronisation will open.
  11. Click on the Yes button.
  12. Query about immediate synchronisation closes.
  13. Duplicate is synchronised.
  1. Forgotten identification medium is now duplicated with expiry date.

Duplicated identification media are also displayed in the matrix:

You can view the expiry date in the duplicate’s properties and extend it if necessary (see Activating or deactivating identification medium once at specific times (activation and expiry date)):

In this example, the duplicate was created for one day at 23:00 hours on 28.05.2021. The duplicate’s expiry date is therefore 23:00 hours on 29.05.2021.

If an identification medium is forgotten for a longer period of time (and thus may no longer have been left elsewhere but lost instead), it may be advisable to block the identification medium (see Blocking and replacing lost/stolen identification media permanently).