Synchronisation: Comparison between locking plan and reality

Since the G2 protocol was introduced, it is up to you whether you synchronise the locking device or the identification medium for a new authorisation, for example.

Synchronising a locking device

Synchronising an identification medium

Synchronising the locking device (including reading access list)

Synchronise an identification medium (including importing physical access list)

Useful if many identification media have been authorised for a locking device. In this case, only one locking device needs to be synchronised instead of many identification media.

Useful if an identification medium has been authorised for many locking devices. In this case, only one identification medium needs to be synchronised instead of many locking devices.

Other factors are important to consider when making this decision, such as:

Synchronisation from the matrix

You can display the synchronisation requirement in the matrix. If you click directly on the icon, you immediately start synchronising the entry concerned.